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Sales and Marketing Jobs in Singapore

Sales and Marketing are the backbones of any organization. If you are thinking about a career in Marketing or Sales, you may wonder how the roles within these industries differ. While considered separate departments, sales and marketing jobs collaborate more often, strengthening the overall effect of product campaigns. Getting Sales Jobs in Singapore or Marketing Jobs in Singapore allows you to explore a varied career path based on your interests.

A Sales career consists of creating strategies to sell a service or product. A salesperson is well-versed in the consumer buying process and is trained to promote its best features, making it easy for them to buy. Marketing is an incredibly dynamic, diverse field that offers jobs for people of all strengths. Sales and Marketing require an understanding of the target audience and the decision-making process behind purchases. Most businesses depend on the sales and marketing sector for generating revenue. Most of the company’s primary business comes from its salespersons. So sales and marketing executives are always in high demand. Building a career in sales and marketing is future-proof because each industry wants an excellent and efficient salesperson.

Top Sales and Marketing Jobs in Singapore

If you want to make a career in Sales and Marketing for growth and variety, a bachelor’s degree is the way to go. The marketing world is competitive and fast-paced. You need to learn a few skills like public speaking, logistics, creative problem-solving, sales, and analytics to excel in this. Find the Latest Sales/Marketing Jobs in Singapore.

Sales and Marketing Manager Jobs in Singapore

Sales and marketing managers are responsible for researching and developing marketing and implementing sales strategies. They introduce new products and promote current company offerings in ways that engage the intended audience.

Sales and Marketing Executive Jobs in Singapore

Sales and Marketing executives research and develop sales and marketing strategies for a company. They are responsible for tracking sales data, maintaining customer relationships, and creating performance reports.

Field Sales and Marketing Jobs in Singapore

Field Sales and Marketing includes targeted direct sales promotions, experiential marketing, merchandising, organizing roadshows, events, auditing, sampling, and demonstration. Field sales are how companies visit leads and sell to them in person.

Hr Sales and Marketing Jobs in Singapore

HR is responsible for the end-to-end life cycle, guiding and managing HR for sourcing and hiring strategies, performance management, compensation, etc.

Sales and Marketing Jobs for Foreigners in Singapore

All Foreigners who want to work in Singapore must have a valid pass, commonly known as a work visa, before starting work. Marketing is one of the most diverse field you can pursue as your career. No matter what field, skills, or strengths you bring to the table, there will be a market role for you that would be the right fit. Few Higher Paying Sales and Marketing Jobs in Singapore are

  • Sales and Trade Marketing Jobs in Singapore
  • Chemical Sales and Marketing Jobs in Singapore
  • Hospitality Sales and Marketing Jobs in Singapore
  • MBA Sales and Marketing Jobs in Singapore
  • Pharma Sales and Marketing Jobs in Singapore
  • Hotel Sales and Marketing Jobs in Singapore

JobsPivot takes pride in assisting freshers and experienced professionals in finding their dream sales and marketing jobs in Singapore. Top Employers trust JobsPivot, and so do candidates. For any Latest news or valuable career tips, don’t forget to look at our Resources section. Elevate your career with the best and High Paid Sales and Marketing Jobs in Singapore. Get hired by your dream company. Look at our list of open job posts below to find an ideal job role and advance your career!


1) What are the top 5 marketing careers?
The top 5 marketing careers with the best outlook are Market Research Analyst, Marketing Director, Marketing Manager, Business Development Manager, Public Relations Specialist, etc.

2) Which marketing job pays the most?
As marketing professionals advance into managerial roles, their salaries become more profitable. The top-paying marketing careers include Senior Product Management Director, Group Product Manager, Vice-President Marketing, and Product Marketing Director.

3) Does marketing pay well in Singapore?
If you are looking for a career in a high-growth industry and you are greedy to learn, the answer is Yes. Marketing is a promising career in Singapore.

4) Is sales and marketing a good career?
With passing time, your sales and marketing job will give you good pay and help you become a good person. Sales and Marketing jobs are tough initially because you need lots of patience and confidence initially. There are many benefits of making a career in Sales and Marketing.