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Engineering Jobs in Singapore

Engineering is an occupation with an extensive reach. The term “Engineering” covers many fields and, by extension, many skills. Engineering is an extensive subject that splits into many different disciplines, including Chemical engineering, Civil engineering, Electrical Engineering, etc. The career options open to engineering graduates are wide and varied. Engineers are inventors, scientists, designers, builders, and great thinkers. They improve the state of the world, amplify human capability and make people’s lives safer and more accessible.

Top Engineering Jobs in Singapore

One of the great attractions of engineering jobs is the wide variety of environments and tasks in which engineers find themselves working. From designing programs at a computer terminal to overseeing maintenance operations for significant structures like big ships, airplanes, heavy earth moving equipment, mobile cranes, and offshore oil platforms – there are many ways to be engineers.

Jobs for Engineering in Singapore

Agricultural Engineering:

Agricultural engineers are involved in conserving and developing the world’s natural resources, including water, soil, land, rivers, and forests. They search and develop various solutions to combat problems such as soil erosion and salinity.

Building Services:

These Engineers are involved with designing heating, air-conditioning, electric lighting and power, water and gas supply, plumbing, and drainage systems.

Chemical Engineering:

Chemical Engineering is concerned with how raw materials are changed into valuable and commercialized end products. Research of raw material and their properties, design, and development of equipment, and evaluating operating processes are all part of Chemical engineering.

Civil Engineering:

Much of the today’s infrastructure of our society is provided by Civil engineers. These Engineers are concerned with all types of structures, including bridges, dams, pipelines, roads, towers, and buildings. Civil Engineering jobs in Singapore are affected by fluctuations in the building and construction industry.

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