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Education and Training Jobs in Singapore

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Education and Training workers train and guide people. As a Teacher, you could influence young people. You could also support the work of a classroom teacher as a counselor, librarian, or principal. Explore different careers in Education and Training sector in Singapore.

Education Jobs in Singapore

Choosing Education as a career is rewarding, fulfilling, and pragmatic. There are many promising careers in the education sector. Teachers and trainers are employed at schools, businesses, and training organizations.

Teaching jobs in Singapore

For most teaching jobs in Singapore, a bachelor’s degree is essential. For roles in international and public sector schools, a degree in Education or your subject area is strongly preferred. A bachelor’s degree and a TEFL certification are needed for ESL positions.

Physical Education Jobs in Singapore

One of the aims of Physical Education is to equip students with the knowledge and skills to pursue and enjoy a healthy and physically active lifestyle. Quality PE programs help prevent unhealthy behaviors by minimizing sedentary habits in school-aged populations.

Allied Educator Jobs in Singapore

As an allied educator, your job is to provide learning and behavioral support to students with mild special educational needs in mainstream schools. You need to have good communication skills and interpersonal skills, a tertiary qualification, or relevant experience and expertise working with SEN students for this job.

Educational Therapist Jobs in Singapore

These professionals are trained to understand an individual child’s learning challenges, patterns, and behaviors. A college degree, preferably in an education-related field like early child development or special education, is required.

Training Jobs in Singapore

Training specialists need a bachelor’s degree. Most of these individuals have a bachelor’s degree in training and development, Human resources, or education. Training specialists may advance to training manager or human resources manager positions. Training specialists help plan and conduct programs that train employees and improve their knowledge and skills. Here are a Few jobs on training

Corporate Trainers

A corporate trainer is responsible for increasing productivity by teaching new knowledge and skills to employees. They use lectures, seminars, and team exercises to update employees on company procedures and goals.

Development Specialists

Development specialists help create plans and run training programs for organizations and businesses. First, they assess the organization’s needs then develop custom training programs in the classroom, online, or training facilities.

Skills Training Specialists

Skills training specialists identify and assess the weaknesses and strengths of employees and translate them into training that helps groom the employees for the next levels of their career.


1) What are five careers in education and training?

Five careers in education and training are Teacher or instructor, Social Psychologist, Principal or Administrator, Social worker, Counselor, etc.

2) What do education and training include?

Education and Training Specialists guide and train people. They can influence and transform people’s lives.

3) How is Training different from Education?

Training includes teaching specific skills to a person. Training is a way to develop specific skills. Education is about gaining theoretical knowledge in any institution or classroom. Education is a typical system of learning.

4) How can I apply as a teacher in Singapore?

For most of the teaching jobs in Singapore, a Bachelor’s degree is essential. Find jobs on JobsPivot best Singapore job portal.