Admin and Human Resources Jobs in Singapore

HR and Admin Jobs in Singapore

We often hear the term HRM or Human Resource Management, Personal management, and Employee relations used by industry experts. Human Resource Management is the process that includes managing people in organizations in a structured and thorough manner. Human Resource is the department in a company that manages workers, whether full-time, part-time, temporary, or contractors. HR is the core of any business. Administrative professionals often have to play many roles in their jobs, sometimes in a single day- or even an hour.

Human Resources Jobs in Singapore

The HR department must manage the give and take with your employers most efficiently and effectively, beginning with your job application. It’s also HR’s job to make sure there’s a high level of employee satisfaction.

Few HR jobs in Singapore are:

HR Manager Jobs in Singapore

HR Managers coordinate, plan and direct the administrative functions of an organization or a company. They oversee the interviewing, recruiting, and hiring of new staff.

HR Generalist Jobs in Singapore

As an HR generalist, you are needed to wear many different hats. One second you may find yourself negotiating the employee benefit plan for your company, and the next second you could be conducting a training program.

Assistant Hr Manager Jobs in Singapore

Assistant HR Managers will be responsible for documentation, talent acquisition, induction, performance, and confirmation process of the HR department. These managers gather and analyze data with useful HR metrics.

HR Executive Jobs in Singapore

HR executive responsibilities include Updating HR policies, creating referral programs, and overseeing our hiring processes. You need to have an extensive background in the Human Resources department and thorough knowledge of labor legislation to succeed in this role.

Admin Jobs in Singapore

Administrative professionals often have to play many roles in their jobs, sometimes in a single day- or even an hour. Whether you are looking for a foot in the door at a finance, health care, or insurance company or moving up the ladder, admin jobs are the backbone of every office and can offer a great way to obtain experience and prove your professional and organizational skills.

Top Admin job vacancies in Singapore are:

Administrative Service Manager Jobs in Singapore

Administrative Service Managers maintain facilities and supervise activities that include mail distribution, recordkeeping, and office upkeep

Administrative Assistant Jobs in Singapore

These assistants perform routine administrative and clerical duties. They prepare documents, organize files, schedule meetings, and help other staff.

Hr & Admin Manager Jobs in Singapore

Hr and Admin managers’ responsibilities include processing employee data, assisting in the hiring process, and updating company policies. To excel in this field, you need to have strong organizational skills and be familiar with HR functions.
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1) What is HR/Admin Salary in Singapore?
HRs with more than ten years of experience make S$8,000-S$15,000 per month.

2) What is the work of Hr Admin?
HR Admins will act as the first port of call to employees for all HR-related queries. HR administrators handle the majority of employee documentation, contracts, recruitment paperwork, etc.

3) What qualifications do I need to be a HR administrator?
Computer literacy (MS Office applications), Organizational skills, communication skills, Experience with HR software like HRIS or HRMS. Work experience in this field will give an extra edge to your resume.

4) What is the difference between a HR administrator and HR officer?
Hr officers manage recruiting, training and development, and relations of employees. HR Administrators oversee all aspects of finances, including budgeting, accounting, and financial reporting.