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Top Tips to Help You Get Noticed on Linkedin

If you’ve not heard of LinkedIn, it’s probably because either you’re not in the workforce or you’ve been living under a rock. Some think of it as a Facebook for professional networking but LinkedIn’s definitely more than that! Not content with perusing that resume you updated for the 27th time, employers are turning to LinkedIn to gain a better understanding of their prospective employees. Here’s how you can up your LinkedIn game and boost your professional impression and get noticed:

Update your profile. Always.

Treat your LinkedIn profile as you would your resume. Only upload the most up-to-date and relevant achievements or work experiences. As always, practice the K.I.S.S. (Keep it Short and Simple) rule. Omit any information that does not add value.

Craft concise and interesting headlines

Employers turn attention to your headline right after verifying they’re looking at the correct profile. With such level of importance, you need to nail this right to win them over. To make it interesting, try writing a description that succinctly captures your personality interests.

Win big with a winning photo

“A picture speaks a thousand words” certainly applies to LinkedIn, or any social media for that matter. Putting a face to your profile makes it 11 times more likely to be viewed! Putting effort (and possible money) into a professional photo will see your investment go a long way. It will help you to get noticed easily.

Take centerstage with executive summaries

A 2018 study revealed that recruiters skims resumes in 7.4 seconds on average. That being said, your executive summary should be all about impact, impact, and impact. Stay clear of generic descriptions and treat your summary as THE OPPORTUNITY to showcase your personality and achievements! With so many ways to accomplish this, boring summaries should be a relic of the past.

Respect grammar

If you loathe the grammar Nazi, be prepared for some bad news: there’s nothing that shouts ‘unprofessional’ more than poor grammar or typos peppering your otherwise impeccable resume. It’s the perfect time to unearth that grammar rulebook you’ve forgotten about since Secondary school.

Customise your URLs

LinkedIn allows you to personalise your URLs to include only your name and omit those seemingly random string of alphanumerics. Not only does this make it easier for you to share your profile or put it into your resume, but also gives you another opportunity to enhance your personal brand!

Publish articles, and then publish some more

Be an author with LinkedIn’s publishing function. Publishing articles is a great way for you to share expert knowledge, engage with readers, boost credibility, and get noticed.

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