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Tip of the Week – Traits Employees Want In A Boss

When employees are happy and enjoy the work environment of a company, the overall efficiency of an organization is improved. One sizeable aspect that contributes to employee satisfaction is having a good boss. Yet, according to this article, the traits that employees want in a boss are those that bosses exhibit the least. If you’re wracking your brain to try and understand why your company has been so unproductive, it might be wise to begin with yourself!

Traits Employees Want In A Boss

Show Your Appreciation

According to CIPHR, 65 percent of employees would be happier if more recognition were given at work. There is no occasion too big or small to show your appreciation to your employees. It can be in the form of praises for a job well done, a simple thank you, or perhaps little celebrations for their achievements. When people receive gratitude and appreciation, it makes them feel valued and motivated. Therefore, by showing your employees how much you appreciate them routinely and frequently, it creates a happier work environment – an environment where employees will want to stay.

appreciate you

Display Empathy

We can’t stress enough how important empathy is in the workplace. As reported in the 2017 Businessolver Workplace Empathy Monitor, empathy has a direct impact on employees’ engagement levels, loyalty, as well as productivity. The best organisations to work for have one thing in common – a culture of compassion and understanding.

Traits Employees Want In A Boss

This begins with empathetic leaders. A simple “how is your day?”, listening to employees’ concerns, and avoiding making assumptions are some steps you can begin with to become a more empathetic leader. Most importantly, ensure that you are genuine and sincere. After all, empathy comes from the heart.

Hold Yourself Accountable For Your Mistakes

I made a mistake

Everyone makes mistakes. With so much emphasis on the importance of accountability in the workplace, it is only fair that leaders hold themselves accountable as well, adhering to the same standards set for employees. By acknowledging your own shortcomings, apologising, and being open to feedback, employees will feel more comfortable opening up to you in the event of a mistake. When employees are given the leeway to view you as partners and teammates, they will be happier in their jobs, resulting in greater organisational performances and lower turnover rates.

Just like how there is no perfect human being, there is no perfect boss in the world. In trying to become a greater version of yourself to your employees, do remember that it is okay to make mistakes. You may not become a good boss instantaneously, but time and consistent effort will lead the way.

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