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Tip of the Week – How To Pitch An Idea To Your Boss

An idea pops into your mind – one that you’re deeply passionate about. Now, to convince your boss that it’ll be beneficial to the company… not so easy! Pitching an idea to a boss can paralyze even the most talented and intelligent professionals! How do you overcome the nerves and successfully utilize the opportunity to get your voice heard? Here are some tips to know how to pitch an idea to your boss effectively:

Provide Evidence For Your Point

Provide Evidence For Your Point

An idea will remain an idea unless you can prove its feasibility. While you pitch an idea to your boss, throw in relevant statistics and case studies to illustrate your point. Having real-life examples will greatly help convince, so consider elaborating on some that involve your competitors, or success stories from other companies that have used similar strategies or policies. Additionally, if having a prototype can help to better illustrate your idea, create and use it! Not only does it show how serious you are with pushing ahead with your idea, it also reflects that you did the relevant research to turn the idea into reality.

Don’t Beat Around the Bush 

Don’t Beat Around the Bush

Time is a scarce resource! Your presentation is likely just one out of numerous meetings your boss must sit through within the day. Do not waste their time. Devise relevant attention-grabbing ways to ensure that your idea can be communicated concisely. Think of possible questions your boss might ask, and cover them in short, sweet, purposeful sentences.

Provide Viable Alternatives 

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Even if your idea is well-received, there is a significant chance that compromises or alternatives have to be considered due to fluctuating circumstances. Always keep an open mind and be willing to negotiate. Be prepared to receive questions regarding the practicality of your idea. While it may seem like your idea is getting sidelined, understand that your company may be abiding by a stringent budget, or there may not be enough resources for your idea to be executed at the given moment. Whatever happens, keep your chin up!

Good bosses always welcome good ideas. If you have an idea that you feel strongly about, don’t be afraid to voice it out. While your ideas may not be greenlit every time, your boss will still appreciate your efforts to improve the company.

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