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Tip of the Week – Getting Creative With Your Resume

Your resume plays a crucial role in your job search process. A single document can decide the nature of the rest of your career! A strong resume will differentiate you from your competition, whereas a weak one gets you eliminated from the running.

Your profile, education, and experience – it goes without saying that these are the necessary and important information to be included in your resume. However, keep in mind that hiring managers need to go through tons of applications daily, and you’ll want to avoid inducing yawns with a resume that looks identical to the rest of the pile on their desks. Gain an advantage by getting a little more creative – attract a few more glances and increase your chances of getting employed!

Here are some tips on how you can get creative with your resume:

Customise Your Resume Accordingly

Different jobs have different requirements. Consequently, employers look out for different things in the respective positions. While there is nothing wrong with sending out a generic, universal resume, it will lack the ability to directly address the position you are applying for. If a sense of relevance is absent, and it is highly unlikely you would get an interview. Read up on the job position you are applying for and reflect on the relevance of your past experiences. What are the jobs and internships you had in the past that may boost your chances of getting the role? Which are the ones that are obsolete? Having gone through this thought process, you will then be able to produce a customised resume with high relevance to your desired job.

Flaunt Your Side Hustles

Say you are applying for a role in marketing. However, you do not have any relevant, formal  job experiences pertaining to the role. In such situations, look for ways to fit your side hustles – the passion projects you have done, into your resume. While it would be advantageous to flaunt your creative juices, make sure they are relevant to the applied position. The information you provide should be ones that show off your skills, including transferable skills you have developed that will be a boost for the position you seek.

Add a Splash of Colour

As a formal document, your resume should look polished and professional. However, where it fits, you can add in a subtle splash of colour in the headings and bars that separate the various sections of your resume.

With hiring managers having to go through hundreds of black and white resumes daily, the subtle touches of colour may draw some eyes to your application. Pertaining to the role you are applying for; it may also be fitting to encompass more creative designs and graphics in your resume. Nevertheless, at the end of the day, your resume should remain clean-looking!

The job search can be a long and exhausting process. With so much competition, getting invited for an interview can be extremely challenging. In your battle plan for the job hunt, getting creative with your resume makes the prolonged search a lot more bearable, and might just provide the nudge you need to land a job.

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