The Art of Pitching – How to Pitch an Idea to your Boss

The Art of Pitching – How to Pitch an Idea to your Boss

You get that Eureka moment and a new idea is born. You’ve worked tirelessly on the tiniest of details for that proposal and now you’re down to the final, arguably the most crucial, step –  your pitch. In an ideal world, all that stands between you and work greatness is a simple nod but let’s face reality: limited resources means limited ideas for actual implementation. That’s why convincing your boss to adopt that killer proposal is key. Fortunately, there are some tricks you can pull off to deliver a winning pitch. We tell you more about how to pitch an idea:

Follow the Rule of Three

Third’s time the charm? You don’t necessarily have to pitch your idea thrice, but three might just be your lucky number. The Rule of Three posits a certain manner to structuring your sentences to make an idea stick. In a nutshell: 1. Subject, 2. Problem, 3. Solution. For example, “Our department(1) lacks better cohesion among colleagues(2), hence I propose a one-year engagement plan to promote bonding(3).”

Beef up your plan

Opportunity favors the prepared. Conduct ample research to back your idea. Presenting statistics and potential benefits not only substantiate your proposal, but also reflect commitment and enthusiasm. Include a timeline to give your boss a visual overview, as well as the important milestones.

Show enthusiasm

Delivering a monotonous presentation with 50 text-heavy slides is going to be as effective as taking sleeping pills, if not more.  Keep your pitch short, simple, and exciting!  Every presentation is an opportunity to showcase passion and confidence so don’t waste them. It’s important to make your pitch as engaging as possible, which brings us to our next trick…

Provide visual aids

Given that we’re more receptive to information that is visually stimulating, visual aids are impactful communication tools that can best convey your idea in double-quick time. Visual aids are also your best friend when you need to curate a compelling pitch while communicating the complexities of your proposal. Concept maps, flow charts, mockups, and wireframes are all great examples of visual aids at your fingertips!

Involve your boss

Give your boss a stake in your idea and also involvement in your planning by soliciting feedback from him/her. If possible, try to incorporate your boss’ ideas into yours and don’t forget to give credit. This trick gives your boss ownership in your proposal, builds rapport, and potentially helps you win that much needed backing.

Pick the right time

Arguably the most crucial point. There’s a time and place for everything, including pitching! Planning when to deliver your proposal’s just as important as planning what to deliver. Maximise your pitch success with judicious preparation and leave no stone unturned (see 2). Avoid Mondays, usually the most challenging day of the week. Hint: we hear late non-Monday afternoons work pretty well…

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