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Writing Jobs in Singapore

A writer, sometimes known as a staff writer, is responsible for presenting ideas through writing in accordance with a set of guidelines or a specific style. Their responsibilities include conducting research, revising drafts, and amending a writing assignment in response to client or editor comments.

Top Writing Jobs in Singapore

Writing jobs can be satisfying because they often allow you to use your imagination and generate content on your own. One of the employment opportunities listed below may suit you if you enjoy writing and have a natural ability to use words. We’ll look at several common writing jobs and their qualifications in this article. While some well-paying careers need full-time employment and set hours, others that require writing have more flexible schedules. Therefore, writers can select a position that fits their lifestyle. The following professional pathways call for varied amounts of education and work experience. Search for Full Time Writing Jobs in Singapore or Part Time Writer Jobs Singapore at JobsPivot.

Content Writer Jobs in Singapore

A content writer is a specialist who creates interesting and instructive pieces to support brands in showcasing their goods. They produce the greatest written or graphic material possible, from blog posts to press releases, and they write on a variety of topics. Find best and high-paying Content Writer Jobs Singapore at JobsPivot.

Copywriting Jobs in Singapore

A copywriter is a specialist who creates succinct, clear writing for advertisements and marketing materials. They collaborate closely with web and graphic designers to make sure their message is understood whether it is shown on a website landing page or in an email inbox. Find Copywriter Singapore jobs at JobsPivot.

Medical Writing Jobs in Singapore

Medical writers typically work with CROs to draft a variety of papers, including as clinical trial protocols, final reports, and clinical expert reports, for these regulatory filings. Additionally, they might help in the creation of submissions for medical publications.

Technical Writing Jobs in Singapore

Technical writers are talented wordsmiths that usually create product manuals, instruction manuals, internet help sections, journal articles, and other literature that easily and clearly distills technical information.

Investment Writing Jobs Singapore

Research and financial analysis are provided by investment writers to assist the investment of FI assets. This includes evaluating fixed income market trends and keeping up with changes in stocks, foreign currency, commodities, and other markets.

SEO Content Writing Jobs in Singapore

An SEO writer creates content that improves a website’s search engine ranking by utilizing search engine optimization techniques. To naturally improve a website’s positioning in a search engine result, SEO Copywriters take into account keyword density and prominence, tone, style, and readability while writing copy.

Freelance Travel Writer Jobs in Singapore

A travel writer and photographer is a professional who frequently visits remote locations to provide articles and images for journalism on the tourist industry. They could work as independent writers and photographers or for newspapers, magazines, trade publications, the government, or another organization. Find best Freelance Writing Opportunities in Singapore at JobsPivot.

Online Writing Jobs in Singapore

researching topics linked to industry (combining online sources, interviews and studies) Creating concise marketing copy to advertise our goods and services. employing content management systems to create well-structured drafts.

Writer Jobs in Singapore

A writer is responsible for presenting thoughts in writing in accordance with a predetermined set of guidelines or a certain style. They are responsible for conducting research on their topics, editing written work after receiving input from editors or clients, and proofreading first manuscripts. Search for Work From Home Writing Jobs Singapore at JobsPivot.

Aerospace Technical Writer Jobs in Singapore

This job profile entails analyzing inputs like service bulletins, modsums, and associated engineering drawings that result in changes to aircraft, determining the impact of those in the various aircraft manuals, and incorporating those in the manuals in accordance with the authoring standards. Illustration changes are also part of authoring, which is done using isodraw, autocad, or any other tool, authoring is done using framemaker or epic editor.

Article Writing Jobs From Home

For websites, blogs, essays, white papers, product descriptions, and social media platforms, writers provide pertinent material. They provide content that is purposefully designed to draw in a certain target market. They produce material for social media, the business website, blogs, articles, and product descriptions.

Online Academic Writing Jobs

Writing for an academic audience is the main focus of academic writing professions. The obligations you have as an academic writer can change depending on the writing’s goal and its target audience. Students may work with an academic writer or writing instructor to assist them in producing an essay or paper for college or graduate school.

Online Type Writing Jobs

Successful typists type business materials and papers, such as reports, correspondence, and policy. You are the greatest fit for this position if you can proofread texts for grammatical, spelling, and punctuation mistakes while working under pressure.

Part Time Editor Singapore

An editor is a qualified individual who serves as the company’s spokesperson and guarantees the accuracy and excellence of all written materials. They assist authors in refining their work to ensure that it flows naturally and instruct them on basic writing best practices.

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1. How do I become a writer in Singapore?

Write from your passion and work at it everyday, create your writer’s website, look for opportunities, seek like-minded writers, meet people in your community. Get involved. Volunteer and build relationships.

2. How much do content writers make in Singapore?

The average salary for a content writer is $3,325 per month in Singapore.

3. Are writing jobs in demand?

The demand for technical writers is expected to grow 10% by 2024, which is faster than the average for all occupations. Freelance writing is here to stay, and it’s still the best way to build a business for yourself quickly in 2021 and beyond.

4. How do I get a job in writing?

Write samples and find a writing agency to support you. Write blogs for friends or family. Build a network with other freelance writers. Search Freelance Writing Jobs Singapore or Home Based Writing Jobs Singapore at JobsPivot and kickstart your writing career.