Driving Jobs in Singapore : Top Driving Jobs Singapore

Driving Jobs in Singapore

For the organizations that hire them, drivers perform a variety of tasks. Collecting and transporting things or objects in good shape to various destinations, ensuring that products and items in their care reach their owners safely and on schedule. They also ensure that the order cycle is completed when they deliver products to the owners, which includes reviewing and validating records as well as assuring client satisfaction. Demonstrating great communication and interpersonal skills in order to provide good customer service and correct responses to clients' inquiries. Find Driver Job Vacancy in Singapore at JobsPivot.

Top Driving Jobs in Singapore

Drivers are responsible for transporting goods and materials from one location to another. Drivers are usually identified by the type of delivery they make. Food is delivered to people’s homes by food delivery drivers. Tractor-trailer drivers transport heavy things such as cars and other huge volumes of cargo across long distances. Drivers are paid employees who work for a company. Looking for Driver Job in Singapore, don’t worry JobsPivot is here to help you in best way possible. Find Driver jobs in Singapore Companies at JobsPivot. Here is a list of the Latest Singapore Driver Jobs

Driving Instructor Jobs in Singapore

A driving instructor’s tasks and responsibilities include managing theory class scheduling, teaching driving pupils about proper traffic rules, and informing student drivers about safe driving techniques. Furthermore, driving instructors provide knowledge on emergency circumstances to their students.

Delivery Driver Jobs in Singapore

It is the responsibility of this function to deliver various things to various addresses as specified. It also entails activities such as collecting money as needed and keeping track of all deliveries. A high school diploma and a valid driver’s license are the basic requirements for this position. Find Delivery Jobs Singapore at JobsPivot. The average Driver’s Salary in Singapore is S$25,800 per year or S$13.23 per hour.

Truck Driver Jobs in Singapore

Typically, truck drivers transfer supplies and goods between manufacturing, distribution, and retail facilities. As part of their job, some people additionally do sales and customer service. Other responsibilities include assessing their vehicles for technical concerns that could jeopardize their safety and doing basic repairs. Truck drivers are qualified individuals who are in charge of delivering goods and other trade items to customers in a safe and timely manner.

Car Driver Jobs in Singapore

Obtaining and welcoming clients at the start of their journey. As needed, loading and unloading clients’ belongings. Unless otherwise advised, go using the most efficient routes. At all times, according to the rules of the road. Singapore Car Driver Jobs Salary starts at S$22,747 per year.

Online Delivery Driver Jobs

Online delivery driver jobs include Loading and unloading packages from delivery vehicles in accordance with online firm requirements and delivering packages to homes and businesses within a given region on foot or by vehicle. Before leaving the warehouse or store, communicate with dispatchers regarding delivery. Find jobs related to Delivery Jobs with Own Car Singapore. Here we also provide you with an option to find jobs as Freelance Delivery Jobs Singapore or part-time jobs.

Family Driver Jobs in Singapore

A family driver accompanies his employer and his employer’s family to work and school appointments and engagements. He takes them on weekend and evening adventures. He may be asked to travel overnight or for long periods of time.

Van Driver Jobs in Singapore

As needed, load and unload the vehicle. Inspect, operate, and maintain the cleanliness of the vehicle. Whenever possible, collect money. Ascertain that the package is delivered to the customer. The skills required to be a van driver are customer service skills, the ability to organize your time and workload, the ability to work well with others, to be thorough and pay attention to details, the ability to accept criticism and work well under pressure, sensitivity and understanding, etc. Search and find best and high-paying Full Time Van Driver Jobs in Singapore at JobsPivot.

Personal Driving Jobs in Singapore

A driver is a professional who transports clients in a timely, efficient, and safe manner. Drivers design routes based on road conditions in addition to maintaining regular cleaning services for their car and handling payments on time each week/monthly cycle.

Night Driver Jobs in Singapore

This job description include working at night. Your duty is to transport clients in a timely, efficient, and safe manner at night or run some errands. Search for Part Time Delivery Jobs Singapore, or Part Time Night Driver Jobs Singapore at JobsPivot and find your desired job.

Class 3c Driving Jobs in Singapore

The person applying for this job must possess a valid Class 3C driving license.

Hotel Driver Jobs in Singapore

Your major role as a hotel chauffeur or driver is to transport hotel guests upon arrival and departure, as well as any other driving-related duties and responsibilities. Furthermore, you should assist other departments with their transportation needs.

Airport Driver Jobs in Singapore

Drivers are responsible for inspecting and maintaining the vehicle’s fluid system, as well as reporting any problems with the vehicle’s operation, such as brakes, lights, or emergency equipment, as soon as possible. Some drivers have pre-planned stops, while others make deliveries or pick up items as needed. Picking up, transporting, and delivering passengers and their luggage between the airport and off-site destinations, cleaning and maintaining the vehicle, and returning the car to business parking at the end of each shift are all common work activities.

Company Driver Jobs in Singapore

You’ll be in charge of getting your co-workers to their locations in a safe and timely manner. In addition, you will be responsible for transporting goods and raw materials as needed. You should be aware of all driving laws and regulations.

Class 4 Driver Jobs in Singapore

Class 4 drivers are drivers of heavy motor vehicles of unladen weight exceeding 2500 kg which is constructed to carry load or passengers. Class 4 includes most road vehicles and is the most common category.

RF Drive Test Engineer Jobs in Singapore

In manufacturing or R&D contexts, an RF test engineer evaluates the functionality of devices that transmit or receive radio waves.

Female Driver Jobs in Singapore

As a driver, your main responsibility is to safely transport either cargo or passengers from one place to another. You must follow traffic rules and correct routes.

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1. How to become a taxi driver in Singapore?

To apply for a taxi driver’s job you need to have a valid 3 or 3A Singapore driving license. They should also have a clear criminal record and prior experience in a similar position. A person working as a taxi driver in Singapore typically earns around S$2,540 per month.

2. How much does a bus driver earn in Singapore?

Bus drivers earn around S$30,000 per year or S$15.38 per hour.

3. What driving job pays the most?

Tractor/trailer drivers or tanker or Van drivers earn the most.

4. How do I become a parcel delivery driver?

To become a parcel delivery driver you need pro driving skills, time management skills, access to delivery vehicles, and an appropriate driver’s license.

5. How much is a personal driver paid in Singapore?

A personal driver in Singapore typically earn around S$2,900 per month.