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Construction Management Jobs in Singapore

Construction management's goal is to keep a project's time/delivery, cost, and quality under control, sometimes known as the "project management triangle" or "three constraints." All project delivery methods, including design-bid-build, design-build, CM At-Risk, and Public Private Partnerships, are compatible with CM. The construction firm's projects are planned, organised, scheduled, directed, controlled, and completed by Construction Managers. Managing and hiring subcontractors and employees. A construction manager's daily activities include budget preparation and submission. Find great Construction Jobs in Singapore with JobsPivot.

Top Construction Management Jobs in Singapore

Construction management is a professional service that oversees the planning, design, and construction process from start to finish using technologically advanced project management methodologies. A construction manager holds the same responsibilities and perform the same tasks in each sector. Here are few of Construction Manager Jobs Listings and Job Opportunities.

Construction Manager Jobs in Singapore

Construction managers are in charge of managing and coordinating construction projects from start to finish. Examining the project in detail in order to plan deliverables and budget. Monitoring compliance with building and safety rules on all onsite and offsite constructions. Construction Manager Job Description includes overseeing the building of residential, commercial, and industrial structures.

Construction Project Manager Jobs in Singapore

On a construction site, the drawings are held by the construction project manager. They are also known as General Contractors or Project Managers, and they are in charge of directing building projects from start to finish. A construction project manager is an experienced construction expert who is in charge of monitoring all parts of the construction process and developing plans in collaboration with engineers and architects. Find current Construction Project Management Jobs in Singapore on JobsPivot easily.

Construction Engineering Jobs in Singapore

The planning and design stages of construction projects are among the tasks of a construction engineer. Adding technical knowledge to project drawings and designs. Cost calculations and financial estimates are performed. Working with the project manager to prepare work schedules.

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1. What are the highest paying construction management jobs?

Highest paying construction management jobs are Constructor and Building Inspector, Eletrician, Ironworkers, Sheet Metal Workers, Carpenters, Construction Equipment Operators, etc.

2. Is construction management a good career for the future?

Yes, it is a promising career with growing job opportunities. The employment of construction managers is projected to grow 11 percent till 2026, faster than the average for all occupations.

3. What jobs can you get out of construction management?

With a degree in Construction Management you can work as Facilities Manager, Site Engineer, Building Surveyor, Building Services Engineer, Sustainability Consultant, etc.