Clerical Jobs in Singapore | Top Clerk Jobs in Singapore

Clerical Jobs in Singapore

Clerks are essential to the proper operation of an office since they provide administrative support to numerous teams and departments. If you have strong organizational abilities and attention to detail, a clerical job is a wonderful fit for you. Understanding the basic responsibilities and obligations of a clerk might help you decide if this is the perfect career path for you. Find Clerk Jobs in Singapore at JobsPivot and find your dream job.

Top Clerical Jobs in Singapore

A clerk’s job description entails handling a company’s administrative and front-office functions. A clerk is in charge of keeping the office running efficiently and organized. Daily, clerks manage several responsibilities rather than handling a single task. Answering phones, managing files, scheduling appointments, and operating office equipment such as printers, fax machines, and photocopiers are examples of clerical occupations. Data entry, bookkeeping, and attendance tracking may be required in other jobs. Depending on the breadth of their work and the business, a clerk’s real responsibilities may vary. A hospital clerk, for example, is responsible for maintaining patient records, whereas a banking clerk is responsible for bookkeeping and other financial chores. Receiving student applications, answering student questions, and managing student acceptance is the responsibility of a clerk in a school or institution. Check the jobs detaila at JobsPivot.

General Clerk Jobs in Singapore

Filing, photocopying, answering phones, sorting mail, and welcoming customers are tasks that general office clerks are responsible for. In an office setting, general office clerks execute a variety of routine and prescribed clerical jobs. Prepares files and keeps physical or electronic records and documents in the appropriate formats.

Accounts Clerk Jobs in Singapore

Accounting clerks record and receive cash, checks, and vouchers for banks and financial institutions. Accounting clerks must have good technological abilities in numerous types of software to ensure the correctness of statistics and documentation. The Employers frequently prefer individuals with an associate degree in accounting, business, or a similar profession. Many accounting clerks get positions with just a high school diploma and basic administrative abilities.

Office Clerk Jobs in Singapore

Clerks in offices Typing, filing, and completing simple forms are among the clerical responsibilities performed. They operate office machines, such as copiers, scanners, phones, voicemail systems, computers, and other standard office equipment. Answers the phone, transfers calls to the relevant people and prepares messages.

Shipping Clerk Jobs in Singapore

The duties of a Shipping Clerk involve keeping track of every element of an order, from packaging products into containers to labeling them. They must also ensure that each shipment is transported accurately and on time to avoid missing deliveries or damaged goods.

Data Entry Clerk Jobs in Singapore

A Data Entry Clerk is in charge of transferring information from paper to computer files or database systems. Their data is transferred manually or via scanners. Customers’ information is entered into spreadsheets, which are then checked against source documents at various points.

Admin Clerk Jobs in Singapore

Answering customer queries, providing information, accepting and processing orders, and dealing with complaints are all responsibilities of an administrative clerk. Answering phones and following up with customers and vendors on appointments and deliveries. Maintaining, updating, and compiling firm records.

Bank Clerk Jobs in Singapore

A bank clerk must ensure that all new account holders in the bank comply with KYC (Know Your Customer) requirements. The Bank Clerk’s job description calls for him or her to be the head cashier, in charge of managing cash and gold loans. Creating loan accounts and entering loan data NPA surveillance

School Clerk Jobs in Singapore

At an elementary, middle, or high school, a School Clerk is in charge of various administrative tasks. As a school clerk, you will frequently serve as the attendance secretary and be responsible for monitoring, documenting, and reporting daily student attendance.

Site Clerk Job Vacancy in Singapore

In an office, site clerks do a little bit of everything. They typically answer phones, fax documents, create reports, enter data into computers, greet clients, forward mail, and respond to emails. Clerks may be responsible for managing paperwork, updating websites, or going on a lunchtime food run.

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1. What qualifications do you need to be a clerk?

Most employers or companies look for candidates with a bachelor’s degree in any discipline. Age criteria are also there. Candidates also need good writing and reading skills, strong grammar and spelling, competent keyboard skills, good communication, and attention to detail.

2. What is an office clerk duties?

Office Clerks perform clerical duties, including typing, completing simple forms, and filing. Operates office machines, including scanners, copiers, voicemail systems, phones, and personal computers. Answers phones, directs calls to appropriate individuals and prepares messages.