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Business Development Jobs in Singapore

The most precise definition of business development is a set of actions and processes aimed at developing and implementing sustainable and lucrative growth prospects within firms. Most firms, however, use the term differently in practice, depending on what they need that function to do for them. Business Development is all about Relationships. The main purpose is to develop strategic alliances and relationships with other businesses in your target market. Find Business Development Jobs SG at JobsPivot.

Top BD Jobs in Singapore

Business development departments are in charge of a number of important internal and external goals. They research a company’s products, services, and operations and offer consulting services as necessary. They also examine the business environment, including the legislation and constraints that affect their businesses. Professionals in development use their research to boost their company’s sales and profitability. Here we have compiled Business Development Job Listings and Job opportunities for you:

Business Development Executive Jobs in Singapore

Business Development Executive Job Description include attracting and maintaining customers, pushing existing customers to purchase more products or features, and staying current on consumer trends. In Business Development Executive Job you’ll also be expected to develop staff capability through frequent training and mentoring.

Business Development Manager Jobs in Singapore

Business Development Manager Job is critical to an organization’s success. These individuals produce new sales leads, negotiate client price, and anticipate sales revenue, all in support of one of the most critical roles of a business development manager: assisting firms in maximizing profitability.

Sales Marketing Business Development Jobs in Singapore

New target market initiatives are being researched, planned, and implemented. Prospective accounts in target markets are being researched. Following up on leads and guiding them through the sales process. Creating quotations and proposals for potential customers. Sales Business Development Jobs Singapore is concerned with identifying leads, investigating and developing them, and advancing them through the sales cycle to a successful conclusion. Finding new growth prospects for the organization and developing strategic relationships that open up new markets are both elements of business development.

Business Development Intern

Selling products or services to clients is one of the responsibilities of a Business Development intern. Taking care of a client’s portfolio, managing the sales cycle and finding new development avenues are some tasks of a business development intern. His goal is to either acquire new contracts with existing clients or persuade prospective clients to sign new contracts. A business internship is extremely beneficial to students because it allows them to put what they have learnt at university into practise.

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1. Is business development a good paying job?

Yes, business development is a good career option if you love sales and talking to different people.  Being a Business Development Executive is an outstanding job for people who enjoy being part of a management team. You would also get paid more in this job.

2. What are the basic qualification for BDM?

Business Development Manager requirements are Bachelor’s degree in business, marketing or related field, experience in sales, strong communication skills and IT fluency, ability to manage complex projects and multi-task, excellent organizational skills, etc.

3. What does a business development employee do?

Companies hire business development executives to design and implement strategies to improve sales and profits. They find profitable company possibilities, negotiate solid business transactions, and supervise business development associates.

4. What is a BDM salary?

Business Development Singapore Salary is SGD 5,000 per month. There is a lot of Business Development Jobs Scope in Singapore.