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Banking Jobs in Singapore

Students all over the world have long preferred banking and financial services as a career path. Finance and banking are businesses that rely heavily on data. People who work in this field are always learning and dealing with cutting-edge procedures, which keeps the job exciting. Furthermore, as a people-oriented industry, banks place a high value on their employees' professional development. As a result, it is the primary reason why the banking industry draws the top people from around the world. Find Best Bank Jobs in Singapore at JobsPivot.

Top Banking Jobs in Singapore

The banking industry is expanding, and with it come new opportunities. There is no such thing as a “one-size-fits-all” profile. Banks that provide a variety of services hire people with a variety of skills. In a completely computerized branch, the clerk’s job has already been rendered obsolete. The majority of workers are hired for office jobs and must have specialized domain expertise. Baking is a vocation that offers a wide range of prospects, as well as the potential for rapid advancement and decent salary and benefits. The rewards for those who are willing to take on the challenge can be enormous. Banking offers many lucrative and rewarding career opportunities, be it in the public sector or the private sector.

Investment Banking Jobs in Singapore

Investment bankers assist their clients in raising cash through the issuance of debt or the sale of stock in their companies. Other responsibilities include supporting clients with mergers and acquisitions and providing advice on unusual investment opportunities like derivatives.

Banking Analyst Jobs in Singapore

To assist in investment decisions, and prepare complicated financial analyses and models. Determine possible markets and trends. Investigate client firms as part of the due diligence process. Make recommendations for the company to boost revenue by researching price, distribution, and other transactions.

Banking and Financial Services Jobs in Singapore

Open new accounts, update existing accounts, and close existing accounts for customers, including but not limited to checking, savings, CDs, safe deposit boxes, IRAs, and HSAs. According to the bank’s program requirements, cross-sell bank products and services based on customer demands. Banking and Finance Jobs Salary depend on different posts you get appointed on. Find the best and high-paying Banking and Finance Jobs Singapore at JobsPivot.

Private Banking Jobs in Singapore

Private bankers are employed by financial institutions and deal with high- and ultra-high-net-worth clients. Primary responsibilities include tracking clients’ financial situations and making financial advice. Most private bankers are licensed and have at least a bachelor’s degree.

Retail Banking Jobs in Singapore

A Retail Banker’s primary responsibility is to help consumers with all savings and deposit account transactions. Customers are given advice on a variety of banking services and products. Answer consumer questions and complaints while also resolving their issues. Good interpersonal and communication skills can assist you in understanding a customer’s demands and providing appropriate solutions. Customers who are spoken to in a kind manner are more likely to do business with you.

Core Banking Jobs in Singapore

Elements of core banking include making and servicing loans, operating new accounts, processing cash deposits and withdrawals, processing payments and cheques, calculating interest, customer relationship management (CRM) activities, managing customer accounts, etc.

Corporate Banking Jobs in Singapore

Corporate Banking Jobs Singapore includes meeting with and interviewing business and personal consumers, reviewing their financial needs, and providing proper financial advice are among their tasks. Providing advice to corporate customers on mergers, acquisitions, capital markets, and other matters, as well as establishing credit agreements.

Bank Sales Job in Singapore

Clients are sold bank products. CASA, Credit Cards, Mortgages, Loans, and Bank assurance, or all of these are examples of products. Prospecting involves locating new leads, as well as making sales pitches to clients. Providing customer assistance to current clients.

Banking IT Jobs in Singapore

The IT Officer is responsible for maintaining servers, bank databases, and other networking infrastructure. This is one of the bank’s most significant departments, as it houses all of the company’s data and fundamental banking applications. The IT Officer’s job entails maintenance and assistance.

Banking Job Consultants in Singapore

A banking consultant greets bank customers and provides account and banking service guidance. Customers can get advice on their savings account or the sustainability of an investment account from them. Answering consumer questions about the bank’s financial services is one of their responsibilities.

Internal Audit Jobs in Singapore Banks

Examining the effectiveness of internal control mechanisms and keeping track of their implementation. Examine the risk management methods and methodologies for their adequacy. Examining the bank’s everyday activities for efficiency and also examining the financial records and reports for accuracy and reliability.

Bank Business Analyst Jobs in Singapore

Banking business analysts perform tasks such as reviewing loan and credit applications, running credit reports, analyzing loan extension and renewal requests, identifying risks, doing borrowing base studies, and preparing collateral analysis reports. They also examine tax records and compile reports on a client’s creditworthiness.

Banking Back Office Operations Jobs in Singapore

Customers’ questions are answered, and advice on various services such as deposit accounts, bonds, and securities is given. Compile account information, enter account information into computers, and file associated forms or documents. Customers should be sent to the proper bank personnel.

Banking Operations Jobs in Singapore

All data processing activities at the bank are overseen by banking operations managers. Record keeping, check processing, and bookkeeping using computers or automated devices are examples of this. They handle consumer complaints and ensure that the bank’s customer service meets company requirements.

Trade Finance Jobs in Singapore Banks

The incumbent will assist our business/trading divisions by handling all areas of banking documentation and procedures, including a letter of credit applications, import/export L/C and collection bills, banker’s guarantee, and liaising for L/C document corrections, among other things.

Bank Teller Jobs No Experience

Receiving deposits and loan payments, cashing checks, issuing savings withdrawals, and documenting night and postal deposits are all part of the employment requirements and responsibilities of a bank teller. Cashier’s checks, traveler’s checks, and series e bonds are available for purchase.

HR Jobs in Singapore Banks

An HR/Personnel Officer’s job description in a bank comprises a variety of tasks and responsibilities. It comprises recruiting, selection, training, and development, evaluating the performance of the workforce, manage the database records of the personnel.

Banking Jobs in Singapore Wealth Management

In general, wealth management means putting together a complete wealth plan that incorporates all of the moving aspects of a client’s financial status. This could include information on their tax situation, investments, and retirement plans.

Bank Contract Jobs Singapore

Duties will include inputting and verifying bilateral and syndicated facilities. Administrating Loan fees, calculations, rate-fixings, and settlements.

Factors that have contributed to the success of the Singapore Private Banking Industry include the liberalization of the domestic banking market, local banks strengthened their regional presence through mergers and acquisitions, expansion of foreign banks, increased competition spurred the development of innovative products, and more competitive pricing models, etc.

Search and find Banking Job Opportunities in Singapore at JobsPivot.You can find jobs in different categories and times like Part-Time Bank Jobs in Singapore or Full Time Jobs in Singapore No Experience.

Bank Job Information

Singapore Job Bank Requirements include analytical skills, customer satisfaction, customer dealing, communication skills, good knowledge of numbers and accounts, attention to minute details, etc. Banking Job Vacancies in Singapore include responsibilities like managing client bank accounts, overseeing transactions, and opening and closing of accounts, processing deposits, payments, and withdrawals, authorizing and evaluating overdrafts and loans, handling other transactions, such as writing cashier checks or money orders, when necessary. Bank Jobs Singapore Entry Level includes posts like bank admin, bank operations officer, Part-Time Banking Jobs in Singapore, bank processing officer, etc.


1. Is banking a good career in Singapore?

Banking is one of the most in-demand industries in Singapore. Banking jobs in Singapore include a lot more than bank tellers, accountants, and financial counselors as a primary function in the financial services business. The ultimate quality of obtaining a job in the banking industry, regardless of your expertise, is its diversity of work options.

2. What jobs are most in-demand in Singapore?

The most in-demand jobs in Singapore are Secretaries, Pas, Administrative Assistants, Office Support, drivers, bank tellers, laborers, supervisors, etc.

3. Which banking job has highest salary?

The highest paying bank jobs are Internal auditor, equity trader, bank manager, investment banker, etc.

4. Can foreigner work in Singapore bank?

Yes, a foreigner can work in a Singapore bank. They can work in different banks like DBS Bank, UOB, Citibank, HSBC, and Standard Chartered. Find Banking Jobs in Singapore for Foreigners at JobsPivot.

5. How to get a banking job in Singapore?

Firstly understand the requirements on job portals, make networks with people from the industry, and make the right CV for the job post. JobsPivot helps you find Banking Jobs in Singapore for Fresh Graduates or Urgent Banking Jobs in Singapore.

6. What are the different positions in a bank?

Different types of banking jobs are Bank Teller, Banker, Loan Processor, Mortgage Consultant, Investment representative, Credit Analyst, Investment banker, etc.