Pivoter X - "Don't fear failure but rather fear not trying"

Pivoter X – Do Not Fear Failure. Fear Not Trying

Some months back, I got an oven for my kitchen. The first thing I tried baking was a batch of chocolate chip muffins…. which turned out to be a perfect recipe for disaster! With too much flour in the batter and too much batter in the pan, I ended up with a little less muffins and a lot more nuffin’.

My morale was badly battered after my first bake. With some effort, I gently reminded myself that I was just starting out. There were still plenty of things to learn – especially how to deal with failure. Even with precise measurements and proper technique, an attempt at making moist melt-in-the-mouth brownies might result in a rock-hard cake. Check motivational blogs at JobsPivot.

Last Saturday, I decided to return to baking with a banana cake recipe. It was smooth-sailing at first. I had every ingredient measured out accurately, down to the last speck of flour! I had forgotten one important ingredient though – the right mindset.

Halfway through mixing the ingredients, I noticed that the texture of my batter looked nothing like it did in the recipe video. Immediately, my mood slipped. A flood of worry descended on my mind. Another failed bake? More wasted ingredients?! What was I doing with my weekend – my life?!

Thankfully, I had a solid pillar of support in the form of my sister. “Don’t worry, it might start looking different once you start mixing in the rest of the ingredients… you haven’t even gotten that far yet!” she remarked.

She was right. The banana cake came out perfect, albeit taller than I wanted it to be. That’s alright – a few extra millimetres of deliciousness never hurt! Biting into the first slice of cake, it wasn’t the moistness or the flavour that I appreciated.

It was the taste of success.

“The one who falls and gets up is stronger than the one who never tried. Do not fear failure but rather fear not trying.” ― Roy T. Bennett

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