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Pivoter X – Dear 2020, All In Good Time

Dear 2020, All in good time

Today, while listening to the merry laughter of my new colleagues fill the JobsPivot staff room, I felt the familiar warmth of gratitude spreading through my chest. In the midst of mentally scrolling through the various things from the past twelve months that I’m incredibly grateful for, I realized that I’d forgotten to express my thanks to YOU!

A year ago, the thought of working as a wordsmith and visual storyteller in a tech start-up was as nonexistent in my mind as JobsPivot – the company wasn’t even founded yet. The fact that I have a new role filled with great potential, surrounded by people with plenty of drive, is testament to the efficacy your teaching methods. The knowledge you’ve imparted in me by challenging me with obstacle after obstacle has been enlightening and humbling in equal measure.

And what obstacles they were! I started the year leaving a high-flying job in the entertainment industry that burned me out physically and mentally. While recuperating from the onset of what felt like every illness imaginable, COVID-19 reached Singapore’s shores, and the entire country went through a Circuit Breaker for two months. Unemployed, unmotivated, and dreadfully unwell – the spectre of hopelessness descended on me as I pondered a bleak and uncertain future.

Yet, within the pitch dark lay the seeds of light and beauty. The lockdown gave me plenty of time to embrace yoga again and cultivate a personal practice. I woke up every morning with the freedom to flow in tandem with the universe and explore my inner cosmos through meditation. Diving deep into my Self made me realize that the toxic environment and nonstop pursuit of money in my previous job wasn’t meant for me – and not because I wasn’t good enough.

I found it in me to reconnect with the craft of filmmaking and writing again, attending online master classes by esteemed directors, and upskilling my technical capabilities through various courses. Post-lockdown, as the employment market started rebounding, I pieced together my self-esteem, applied for jobs and expressed myself with confidence at interviews. In the meantime, I worked as a private-hire driver to earn some money – I ended up playing therapist to a myriad of personalities with a colourful spectrum of life stories. Through all these, I rediscovered myself – my strengths, weaknesses, goals, dreams, and the human being I desire to be.

After months of searching, I finally landed at JobsPivot, and what a blessing it’s been. Working in an industry far out of my comfort zone has opened my eyes to the possibilities of using writing and filmmaking in ways that I’ve never practiced before. I enter the office everyday excited about what’s to come, and looking forward to coming up with innovative ideas with my fellow creatives.

Thank you for refilling my life with inspiration and imagination everyday. Truly, impossible is nothing. We will never see each other again, but the possibilities you’ve opened my mind and heart to will live on forever.

All in good time,

Pivoter X

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