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Part-Time Jobs in Singapore

A part-time job can also help graduates or individuals gain experience and training in fields unfamiliar to them. For those lacking the requisite academic degrees for their dream job, a part-time position may serve as a stepping stone in obtaining the certification needed in finding roles in their desired profession. A part-time job can also help a person gain experience and understanding in fields unfamiliar to them. Part-time jobs in Singapore can provide a steady source of income while offering a healthy work-life balance. A part-time job calls for working a pre-agreed number of hours each day or each week. These jobs are excellent and ideal for people who can't afford to take up full-time jobs either because of conditions at home or because they need a healthy work-life balance.

Top Part-Time Jobs in Singapore:

It’s easy to find part-time jobs in Singapore with JobsPivot. Search latest part-time job vacancies in Singapore, including IT, Sales, Banking, Engineering, Admin, etc., on JobsPivot. Post your resume to apply for different job vacancies in Singapore. JobsPivot is your source for jobs like Part-time Data Entry jobs in Singapore, Part-time Nursing jobs in Singapore, Part-time Tutor jobs in Singapore. Search for High-pay part-time jobs in Singapore and flexible part-time jobs in Singapore. JobsPivot provides part-time jobs for students in Singapore who want to gain experience. There are many benefits of working a part-time job as a student.

We have also tried to answer some of the most frequently asked questions here:

How to Get a Part-Time Job in Singapore?

Networking plays an important role; if you are already in a job, finding opportunities for part-time jobs can be more accessible. Also, if you are not working, it’s easy to find part-time jobs in Singapore, upload your resume on JobsPivot, and find the job that suits you. Find your next job with JobsPivot.

What are the best Part-time jobs in Singapore for International Students?

According to the Ministry of Manpower, Singapore, international students can work part-time jobs for about 16 hours a week during their term and unlimited hours during a vacation with a valid student pass issued by the Immigration and Checkpoint Authority. There are many benefits of working a part-time job as a student. You can earn extra cash; you learn to manage money; you gain transferable skills, become more confident, and develop interpersonal skills. An individual who finds part-time jobs near home may save more on transportation costs than those who commute an hour or more.

Can I Work 2 Part-Time Jobs in Singapore?

Legally NO. You may do two part-time jobs, but it will be very draining. Also, remember that you are breaking laws and bringing shame to the ex-pat community.