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Online Courses to Help You Get Ahead of Your Game

The COVID-19 pandemic has opened a whole new realm of learning. Online courses are becoming increasingly ubiquitous as work from home arrangements and social distancing measures feature as “new normals” in our lives. Online courses also make upskilling so much easier with their flexible nature! With a plethora of course options to choose from, including some from prestigious universities like Harvard and MIT, where do you begin? We present our pick of trending online courses and some online learning platforms to give you that upskilling head-start. And check online job portal here.


Once the domain of the arcane tech whiz, coding has become so commonplace that eyebrows are raised whenever someone associates “Python” with that serpentine figure (sorry, nature lovers!), or have never heard of the terms “JavaScript” and “HTML”. Just as it’s important to know that these are coding languages (if you already didn’t), do also know which languages best suit your needs. Fortunately, many learning platforms cater to specific tracks ranging from data analytics to web development, as we embark on that quest for coding excellence.

1. Hackwagon

Hackwagon is a locally founded tech academy specialising in coding training. You’ll find courses that are beginner-friendly, great for those who prefer a guided learning alongside experienced instructors. If you prefer structured learning at a relatively fast pace, Hackwagon has courses for you, too! While these courses are not free (sorry), Singaporeans and PR can apply for government subsidies or claim course fees via SkillsFuture credits. Now that’s certainly a hack!
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2. Code Academy

Coding may not exactly be for the faint of heart so why not try dipping your toes in the pool to get a feel of its depth, first? With a wide variety of languages, such as Python, Swift, C++, and Java, to pick, Code Academy is beginner friendly – and has a very user-friendly interface to boot! Basic courses are free and should you choose to venture deeper, there’s a free 7-day trial which gives you access to a more comprehensive sampling of their courses.
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Digital Marketing

Increasingly digitised business processes = increasing need of digital-savvy talent able to help companies transit to the digital. Staying ahead of the game is no mean feat, as customer outreach tactics grow to include channels such as social media and search engines. Become a pro digital marketer with our pick of course platforms today!

1. Google’s Digital Garage

Digital Garage is a free online learning platform by Google. Yes, you read that right – F.R.E.E. For example, its “Fundamentals of Digital Marketing” course is a 40-hour online course which is concise but packed full of quality content. This gem delves into hot-button topics such as analytics and marketing strategies to get you up and running with the jargon of digital marketing. Complete the course at your own pace and get a Google certification when you’ve completed it!
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2. Edx’s Marketing Analytics Course 

Want to stand out in the digital crowd? You can’t run away from Marketing Analytics! Accredited by the University of California, Berkeley, this course provides you with the know-how on analysing your digital marketing performance. With an easily sharable certificate you can post directly on LinkedIn to boost your resume, this is one pretty sweet deal, indeed.
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LinkedIn Learning’s Public Speaking Foundations Course
Ever wanted to speak like @TonyRobbins? Let LinkedIn Learning’s courses groom your inner confidence, as you learn from the best of the best. Transform into a stage hero with the “Public Speaking Foundations” course!
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