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New Year Resolutions You Can Make with Your Team

Do you make new year resolutions but struggle with following through? It’s easy for you to set goals for yourself, but it’s another thing altogether to execute your plans and carry out what you initially resolved to do. We usually start strong, committing to carry out our resolutions but give up halfway because it gets tiring, or stressful to keep up with them. This is especially true when it comes to making resolutions at work. Some resolutions that you may have made include being more productive, being more proactive, and communicating more with your colleagues etc. You may have met with some obstacles on the way and stopped pursuing these resolutions. It’s easy to become disheartened when you are facing all these challenges alone, but how about making resolutions with your team at work?

Making new year resolutions in a group is a great way to motivate everyone to pursue a common goal. As a team, you can keep each other in check and overcome challenges together. This way, the inertia to give up is lessened as teammates can provide each other with support and encouragement. Here are 4 new year resolutions that you can make as a team.

Healthier Living

Lunch Box

At work, it can be easy to get carried away by the countless tasks and responsibilities at hand. Skipping meals, staying up at night working from home, and resorting to junk food as an avenue for stress relief can be some examples of recurrent habits that may impact the health of an individual as a result of working. A new year resolution that a team can make together would be cultivating workplace wellness.

A fun activity that you can do together would be trekking or cycling at the park during one of the weekends as a team bonding activity for the month. At work, there can also be ‘wellness weeks’, where health care packs can be prepared by each team member and exchanged as gifts during the week. In these packs, there can be healthier snacks, facial masks, eye masks, affirmative notes, anything that might help relieve the stress of your team members. This not only encourages your team members to take care of themselves, it also shows that they are being appreciated at work. Additionally, certain weeks can also be reserved to encourage meal preparations for healthier eating. Team members can have an online group chat where they exchange tips and recipes on healthier eating in preparation for this week. This helps to start a practice of preparing for meals early and planning ahead. Meal preparations save time during peak periods and reduce the chances of your team members skipping meals.

Boosting Team Morale at Work


A team resolution for the year can be becoming more participative and proactive in contributing to the team. This can be achieved through incentives such as celebratory team lunch or dinners if the team meets a certain Key Performance Indicator (KPI).

Your team can also participate in programmes outside of the office to foster teamwork. For example, if you team members love sports, participating in a Spartan race as a group will help to train the team to overcome challenges and major milestones together. If your team members prefer indoor activities, a simple board game that requires group work and strategic thinking can also foster team building and boost team morale. Through such activities, team members will learn to understand that they can rely on each other for support not only when they have these out-of-office activities, but at work when they encounter challenges.

Establishing Positive Relationships

Art Jam

It takes two hands to clap. Making a resolution as a group to cultivate positive relationships will help to improve team dynamics, team cohesion, and create a support system whenever team members encounter difficulties. Ice breaker activities can be carried out for everyone to know each other’s interests and hobbies. From there, each team member can propose a team outing during days reserved for team bonding activities. For example, if a team member enjoys making art and crafts, an art jamming session with the other members can help to strengthen bonds and have other members get to know each other better. There can also be a competition on making the best and worst piece of art, with everyone having a good laugh at someone’s horrendous work at the end of the session. With bonding activities, get creative and make the session an enjoyable one to remember.

Communicate on Improving Communication


It can be difficult to be more enthusiastic and air your opinions in a group meeting comfortably if the rest of your team members are silent or are reluctant to participate. Communication is important when it comes to having discussions on upcoming projects, future plans, and when gathering feedback to improve work processes. Thus, it is important to create an environment for team members to share their thoughts and opinions openly. Each member of the team can enable that to happen if there is a resolve to communicate better within the group.

A set of guidelines can be discussed as a group for members to reference before each meeting, with reminders of cultivating a safe environment for each other to participate. The guide can include pointers for better communication processes. For example, some pointers include not judging the opinions of others, staying open minded to other suggestions, saying encouraging words to each other, and having courteous debates if members have differing views. When it comes to disagreements and conflicts, a guide can also be created for members to understand how to give constructive feedback and receive criticism with a more positive mindset. This way, members will know that they will be treated with respect and that they should treat others with respect as well.

All in all, making new year resolutions with your team can help to foster camaraderie and support you in your growth and self-development. As you work on these new year resolutions together, enjoy the process of getting to know your team members a little better too. You may have more in common with your team members than you think. May you and your team have a great 2022!

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