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Internship Jobs in Singapore

Top Internship Jobs in Singapore

Having a good degree is no longer enough to secure a good job. Pertinent work experience is now just as valuable as your degree when building a successful career. Internships have become a meaningful way to help candidates make themselves stand out. Getting work experience is essential to starting your career as a first-time employee or graduate. Job experience is not restricted to a 9-5 office job with a large company. You can get an internship at any small firm or company. There are plenty of options for training like a Hotel Management Internship in Singapore, a Data Science Internship in Singapore, and a Digital Marketing Internship in Singapore. If you are a student majoring in Fashion, you can go for Fashion Stylish Internship in Singapore to earn experience and knowledge.

You need the experience to get hands-on knowledge in your desired career field. An internship is an official program offered by organizations to help train and provide work experience to candidates. By partaking in an internship, you will gain real-life exposure. Employers rely on resumes that demonstrate relevant work history in today’s world. Need some help finding the best internships in Singapore? Set up a profile on JobsPivot, and we can send you alerts for internship opportunities in your area of interest. Find internships in Singapore with JobsPivot’s job portal. we also provide internship in Singapore for undergraduates.

JobsPivot can also help you get online jobs in Singapore, part-time employment, and Full-time jobs. Here are a few of the frequently asked questions.

1. Can Foreigners do Internship in Singapore?

Qualified international students can work as an intern for up to 6 months in Singapore on Work Holiday Pass.

2. Internship Salary in Singapore

The average internship salary in Singapore ranges from $600 to $1000, with an average of $800 per month for university students.

3. Internship in Singapore for Indian Students

There are many industries to choose from in Singapore. You can go for Engineering internship jobs in Singapore, Culinary Internship in Singapore, IT Internship jobs in Singapore, Biotechnology Internships in Singapore, etc.