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How to Recover from WFH Burnout

Feeling that dread in your heart when you have to turn on your laptop first thing after jumping out of bed? Fatigue and tension hitting you like a truck from the blurring of work/home boundaries? You might be facing a WFH burnout! Fret not, for we’ve some tips to help preserve your much-needed sanity during this PAINdemic. WFH burnout is a serious issue. And it’s only getting more serious with the uncertainty, stress, and additional home responsibilities of our current situation. Check this situation problems at JobsPivot.

Ditch your pyjamas

Yes, we know your darkest secret: working, eating, and maybe even exercising in those PJs. Being at ease may be one thing, but being TOO comfortable is another! Why not switch it up and dress for success in the comforts of home? Slap on a blouse or button-up shirt that you usually wear to work because dressing pulled together will eventually make you feel put together. We become what we wear!

Create designated work hours

Slamming down that alarm and dozing for perpetuity sounds perfect since you don’t have to report to work at 0900 hours anymore. However, if that freedom to laze around hazes your planned schedule for work then it’s time to clear up the fog and, with it, your mind. Deliberately designating work hours forces some order and discipline, ensuring work-life separation and balance (as much as possible)

Take a break

If robots need recharging, what more can be said for us? Yes, YOU. Although it’s WFH season, it doesn’t mean that you have to toil 24/7. Set aside time to do something that you love: knitting, Netflix-ing, playing Animal Crossing — you name it. A well-timed, well-placed siesta will see your mental wellbeing appreciating the gesture very much!

Set up your home office

Do you miss that MVP-winning productivity while labouring from your office table? Feeling inefficient can be one of the causes for a WFH burnout. Our advice? Recreate your beloved office space to reclaim your beloved productivity! Find a space in your home (even the kitchen works, we hear). Next, make sure your chosen space allows you to mentally zone into work mode with minimal interruption during your defined work hours (see 2.). Lastly, stock it with work essentials/furniture and you’re done! Protip: don’t forget to situate it near a power outlet.

Keep fit!

If time’s flying too fast from all the work/home disarray, try exercising. One minute of planking will feel like an hour. We promise. Staying fit not only keeps you healthy but also reduces stress since physical workouts produce endorphins. Endorphin is a chemical in our brains which increases feelings of joy and is a natural pain-killer to boot. Getting those workouts will also radiate the vitality within you, boosting your confidence when you finally get to meet your colleagues after X years. Go and get those endorphins right now!

CALLeagues (colleagues)!

It’s a moment you’d never have expected when you met HR for the first time during your onboarding. That you would actually miss your colleagues. Given that you spend so much time with them, it’s natural for you to miss them, even the annoying ones! With an array of video conferencing apps/software at your disposal, plenty of ways abound to keep the co-worker socialising alive. Reminisce the good old pre-pandemic moments over a virtual lunch or two! If you’re willing to go the extra mile, try suggesting to your boss virtual competitions such as team fitness challenges to keep fit (see 5.) — all in the comforts of home.

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