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How to Improve your Workplace Wellness

Employees are your best assets and should be treated as such. Workplace wellness encourages better teamwork, increases productivity, and reduces the need for medical leaves and accidents in the workplace.

There are various programs to improve the overall wellness of employees however not every activity will suit each individual so let us look at some different ways to alleviate their stress levels.

Medical Well-Being

  • Firstly, we should focus on their general well-being. Does your company offer a medical and dental plan? This can be a great perk to encourage employees to keep a check on their medical health.

Healthy Eating

  • As the adage says, an apple a day keeps the doctor away! Healthy eating is a great way to prevent future diseases. Some ways to encourage this is by adding a refrigerator in the pantry so employees can bring their packed lunches from home instead of eating out. It also helps to save them money!
  • You can add a fruit bowl and provide free fruits which employees can enjoy as snacks or even inclusions in their lunch meals. Enforce a healthy catering policy for team meetings.
  • Replace sugary drinks in the vending machines with fresh juices and invest in a blender, juicer, or sandwich press so employees can make their lunch.

No Smoking

  • Smoking is an unhealthy habit and companies should try to develop a smoke-free workplace as best they can. This can help prevent future illnesses due to smoking. It will also protect non-smokers from breathing in second-hand smoke. You can do this by ensuring company vehicles and your entire workplace grounds are smoke-free. This will make smokers think twice about taking a puff.
  • Company events should be smoke-free. Encourage employees to speak to their doctor or join a company-sponsored subsidised program to quit or provide aids such as nicotine patches if they need extra help.

Physical Exercise

  • Physical exercise is just as important and can be done at a minimal cost by providing wearable trackers like FitBit and organising walking meetings.
  • A public transport allowance can also be implemented. For example, employees can be reimbursed if they take the bus or train to work for special occasions. Motivate employees to use the stairs rather than the elevator whenever possible.
  • Have a Sports Day, marathon, or charity event where employees can compete with each other in different team sports and activities. It can also be a whole lot of fun!
  • Gym memberships or incentives can also be another amazing perk. Many companies nowadays have incorporated gyms into their offices or have rented offices with gym and shower facilities. You can even bring in a yoga instructor or fitness coach to conduct a session.

Mental Health

  • Mental health has been on the decline especially in recent years. Employees are suffering from burnout and increasingly high-stress levels. Companies should look into a mental health plan or offer assistance should employees need to seek professional advice.
  • Employee behaviour should also encourage and instil positivity and managers should be trained on mental health strategies. A good way to check in with staff morale on their mental well-being is by gathering valuable feedback through anonymous surveys or polls. Colleagues should also help one another by reporting disturbing behaviour and keeping an eye out for one another.
  • Engage a professional to come and speak about mental health awareness and techniques to reduce stress or look at running meditation or reflection sessions.

Don’t Stay Still

  • An ergonomic environment, standing desks, and even cycle chairs can replace outdated and uncomfortable furniture. Stand up meetings are also a quick and efficient way to get straight to the point and avoid discussions that drone on for hours.
  • Taking regular breaks, stretching for 10 minutes at least once or twice a day and eating away from your computer are also very important methods to feel energised throughout the day.

Foster a Supportive Team Environment

  • Creating a safe space for employees to air their thoughts and opinions always helps with increasing efficiency and productivity. Consider regular meetings for employees to bounce ideas off each other and to align objectives. When a project is completed, reward the team for all the effort that each member has contributed through corporate dinners. Communication and team cohesiveness is key in building strong and healthy relationships at work.


  • Reduce alcohol intake by promoting responsible drinking at social and company events as well as celebrations and offer a non-alcoholic option. Avoid providing alcohol regularly and consider that high workplace stress can be a factor in alcoholism problem drinking. If this happens, encourage employees to address the problem early by speaking to a professional or joining group therapy sessions.

If we begin to implement and follow through with some or all of these methods, we can definitely foster a better and more motivated workplace environment. Exercise, healthy eating and managing stress levels all contribute to the success of overall well-being and performance.

It is something that should not be done alone but with the support of your team members all actively working together to create a more harmonious workplace. You don’t need to dread coming to work or drag your feet as workplace wellness can make all the difference in employees attitudes.

You will begin to see a difference in that healthier employees take fewer medical leave and are happier. Employees will appreciate that their company shows an interest in their well-being and thus want to take care of themselves better.

Don’t forget to ask for staff input so you can regularly take stock of the wellness situation and add improvements along the way.

Stay Happy and Healthy!

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