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How to Grow Your Personal Network?

Growing and maintaining your personal network can play a pivotal role in the success of your career. The right connections can set you up well to go far in life.

There is so much more to expanding your professional network than just sending invitations on LinkedIn to connect. A lot of time and effort is required to build meaningful connections that will not only benefit your career but also help with personal development.

Whether it is to climb the corporate ladder, switch career paths, or search for jobs, a large network of connections can present you with plenty of opportunities. Additionally, networking can help to broaden your horizons. When you meet and converse with new people, they bring in fresh perspectives and knowledge. Networking with professionals with greater seniority can provide valuable career advice and support to give your career path a little boost!

You can also take the opportunity to build genuine friendships with the people you are networking with. While communicating with new people, important social skills and confidence can also be developed, which contributes to your personal growth.

The next question that you may have in mind is “Where do I begin?” Let’s find out:

The Most Powerful Tool: Social Media

During the pandemic, many physical events have inevitably been moved online. Especially during the start of the pandemic, most social events became virtual online events. Even as we transition into the later pandemic phases, we may find that social media still remains as one of the most powerful tools for building connections.

Today, many of your first encounters with someone take place online. It can happen through an invitation to connect on LinkedIn, a follow on Facebook or even a personal direct message on Instagram. The type of social media platform you choose depends on your purpose. For example, LinkedIn is commonly used in more professional settings.

It is also recommended to consistently update your social media page, as your connections may check on your profile changes from time to time. Fresh content helps to keep your connections engaged and presents greater opportunities for interactions. Likewise, when you constantly engage with your connections’ updates on their social media page, it shows that you are interested in what they are doing, resulting in the likelihood of forming a deeper connection.

In essence, social media is a great platform to not only meet new people, but also to stay in touch with previous co-workers. It is always ideal to keep in contact with people you have met as you never know when you will cross paths with them again in future.

Attending Networking events

With the gradual lifting of safe distancing measures comes more opportunities to attend physical gatherings. Physical social networking events can be a good way to meet new people and connect on a deeper level. It is recommended to attend a moderate-sized networking event instead of a very large one so that you have sufficient time to mingle with each professional at the event.

It is also important to have a few of your name cards with you so that you can pass them to people that you have connected with at the event. Physical name cards are preferred over digital ones in case the receiver is not technologically savvy. After meeting people, it is ideal to follow up with them by telling them that you have enjoyed the chat and wish to connect again someday.

Alternatively, social networking events can occur virtually. That means that socialising can happen even from the comfort of your home. For people who are slightly more introverted, conversing through a screen may be a better option to cope with the discomfort of talking to so many people.

Pick up a New Hobby

Another way to get to know people is through something that you are interested in doing. Take some time to think about what you have always been wanting to try outside of work! It could be exercising, doing arts and crafts, or even volunteering for non-profit organisations.

Engaging in these activities can help you recharge and maintain a healthy work-life balance. Besides, you will also have the opportunity to meet new people and conversations are more likely to flow as you already have a common interest.

In essence, picking up a hobby is a great way to expand your connections organically. It also provides regular networking opportunities through the weekly commitments.

Diversify Your Personal Network

While it is important to connect with people of similar interests, it is equally important to form connections with people from all walks of life. Regardless of age group or profession, they all have their own stories to share. Exposing yourself to people of different backgrounds may help to spark your creativity and lead to more innovative modes of thinking.

Furthermore, getting to know a diverse group of people may present you with unexpected opportunities in future.

If you are simply looking for a career switch, listening to people who are already in the industry can provide you with valuable advice and important knowledge such as current industrial trends and culture. All of which may further inspire you to take that leap.

Keep your Connections Alive

While making new connections is vital, it is also important to keep them alive. If you do not keep up frequently with your connections and only reach out when you need a favour, your connections may not feel that you are genuinely connecting with them.

As such, it is a good practice to check in with your connections frequently. It could be in the form of an email, or if possible, a face-to-face coffee or lunch session. Nothing beats meeting someone face-to-face as it creates a much better environment for genuine conversations to happen.

In doing so, you will be able to keep your connections fresh, and they are more likely to keep in contact with you to maintain this mutual connection. This may even give rise to greater opportunities to work together on future projects.

Social media does not only play a huge part in building your connections, it can also be a powerful tool for your businesses. Find out which social media platform works best for your business here! You can also check out our career portal at!

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