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How to Ace Your Job Interview

With the massive changes to the job landscape due to the Covid-19 crisis, work from home has become the new normal. As most operations migrate to online platforms, job interviews are no exception. Here are some tips to help you ace your job interview! Check the all job opportunities here.

1. Pick an appropriate location

pick an appropriate location

Set yourself up for success by picking the most conducive environment for your video interview. Minimize distractions by isolating yourself in a quiet room. Ensure nobody barges into your room or is excessively loud during your interview. Also, turn off notifications to avoid unnecessary interruptions.

Lighting also plays an important role during the interview. Avoid staying in a dimly lit room. Instead, try to fill your room with natural light.

2. Dress Up

Dress up

You only get one chance to make a great first impression. First impressions do stick! Hence, it is essential to showcase your best self to your interviewers. Secondly, dress to impress! How you dress speaks volumes about your attitude and readiness. Dress as you would in a real-life interview. Try to avoid wearing colors that are too striking.

3. Test your devices

test your devices

It is vital to be familiar with the choice of video platform, most commonly used platforms are Zoom, Skype, or Google Hangouts. Do remember to download the required software or updates beforehand. It is important to do a trial run on the devices to ensure the microphone and speaker are working fine. This minimises technical difficulties to ensure your job interview runs smoothly. Charge up your device of choice or leave it connected to a power source.

4. Research on company

Do Your Research

Being prepared for generic interview questions about yourself is not enough. More often than not, interviewers ask specific questions to assess if you are a suitable candidate for the company. Being prepared reflects well on yourself and allows you to answer questions that are company-related. Reading company reviews could also shed light on the company culture and provide you with insights on what kind of employees they are looking for! Prepare short notes on the research and preparation you have done. Try not to rely heavily on your notes and only refer when necessary.

5. Body language

Body Language

Non-verbal cues are just as, if not more important than spoken words. Non-verbal cues such as hand gestures, body language, and eye contact contribute to the effectiveness of your speech. Maintain a good posture by sitting upright during your interview. Avoid crossing your arms or legs to appear more confident and open. Try your best to maintain eye contact with your interviewer. This helps to build genuine rapport and will help you appear more confident during your job interview. One of the benefits of a video job interview is that you can bring along notes that could aid you.

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