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How an Online Career Portal can Help Job Seekers

In every job hunt, there are numerous things to consider; what companies are you interested in? What industry are your skills more suited to? What kind of job scope are you expecting in your next job? Is this job opening a better choice than the other job opening? While evaluating the jobs available in the market, you might have to go on Google to research more about the company and past works done, head over to their social media pages to identify company culture, constantly check updates for new jobs that a company has posted everyday, and compare between salary ranges etc. A lot of time and energy goes into a job search, hence it’s important to use an online career portal that can help you to streamline your search processes. Here are 4 ways that an online career portal like JobsPivot can help job seekers to find their ideal jobs. 

Access Variety of Companies Hiring 

An online career portal can expose you to a variety of companies that are currently looking for candidates for their job hires. Jobs are categorised according to the industry or sectors that the companies are in, the skill sets required from the job, and the job type that ranges from full-time jobs, to part-time jobs, to contract jobs, to freelance jobs and internships. This way, you can easily navigate for jobs on the interface and narrow down the jobs that you are looking for fairly quickly. With a large variety of companies on the online career portal, you can also easily compare between companies in the same sector, or compare between jobs that require similar skill sets. With easier references to a wide variety of companies, you are better able to make more informed decisions.

User-Friendly Interface

Besides helping you to compare between company job postings more easily, an online career portal also supports you by streamlining your search process with intuitive user-interface features. A candidate on JobsPivot can utilise the interface to find out more about a company without having to Google it online. Many of JobsPivot’s postings already include the company’s description and details that might be important in helping the candidate evaluate their career choices. For example, a candidate on JobsPivot can see the number of employees in the company to gauge whether the company that they are applying for is an SME or an MNC, and make better decisions with this information at hand. Knowing the location of the company, how established it is, the kind of services they offer, and employee benefits offered all in one place makes the job search so much easier. The interface also provides you with links that redirect to the company websites and social media pages if you would like to find out more information about the company. 

There is the option to filter through and select the jobs that you want based on your selection criteria. For example, JobsPivot lets you search jobs with filter functions for job titles, job categories and locations. This way, you can narrow down the jobs that you want to apply for with ease. 

On the online career platform, you can also narrow down your search and stay updated on the latest jobs that specifically interest you, or jobs that match your skill set. If there is a specific company that you are interested in joining and you would like to be constantly updated on their new job postings, you can easily access all available job postings on the online career portal. You can also have the option to follow these companies and reference them easily if you want to check for openings available. Additionally, you can opt to receive job alerts, where you will be alerted on the latest jobs matching your search criteria. 

With streamlined search functions and a user-friendly interface, your job hunt becomes less taxing and you will be able to find your dream job at a much faster pace. 

Smooth Application Process

Online career portals enhance your job search by providing smooth application processes. On JobsPivot, there are many job postings providing the function to submit your resume and CV directly on the career portal platform. This makes it easy for applicants to apply for jobs quickly and efficiently, without having to manually search for the company’s email address, draft an email informing the company of their job application, and attach their resume and CV. Besides direct job applications on JobsPivot’s career portal, candidates are also given the option to apply through LinkedIn, directly through the company portal, and directly through the company email, all of which will be provided on JobsPivot’s platform. With an online career portal, you are able to skip steps in your application process. 

UX-Centred Selection Talent Management System

JobsPivot’s advanced analytics features can help employers with selecting suitable candidates for employers. With better filtering systems in place, employers can reach quality candidates quicker. You might expect a faster response with increased efficiency in the employer selection process. 

These are some of the ways that an online career portal like JobsPivot can help job seekers with improve their job hunt processes, research on jobs more efficiently, and apply for jobs smoothly. When choosing an online career portal that can value-add in your job hunt, remember to consider the following: user-friendliness of the platform’s interface, variety of companies posting jobs on the platform, informative elaborations on the job scope and the company, smooth application processes and effective talent management systems.

If you are looking for a new job or thinking of a career switch, don’t be afraid to access an online career platform to explore the kinds of job openings currently available. Even if you don’t plan to apply for a job immediately, it’s always a good thing to stay knowledgeable of the kinds of skills and manpower needed in the market. Reading up on companies or new job openings can also help you to discover career opportunities that you might not have known existed before. You can access JobsPivot’s online career portal here. Click here to register a candidate account for free. 

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