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Full-Time Jobs in Singapore

Ready to start searching for a ne Full-Time job? Find jobs at your fingertips at JobsPivot. Full-time jobs are those jobs in which a candidate is expected to work for a certain number of hours every week. Find the latest opportunities in Singapore matching your unique skills and experience.

Top Full-Time Jobs in Singapore

A full-time job implies a set work week or working hours, usually eight-hour days and 40 hours in a week, although this can vary depending upon the industry and the nature of the position. Working a full-time job can present many benefits to an individual. Many full-time workers get paid an annual salary, thereby creating a fixed income for employees and a sense of security. Full-time jobs let you earn more money than a part-time job. Full-time jobs have fixed work hours.

Differences Between Part-Time and Full-Time Jobs

There is a number of differences between Part-Time and Full-Time jobs. Firstly Pay disparities are a common difference between these two types of employment. Part-time employees earn less money. Full-Time employees have set schedules, whereas Part-time employment doesn’t come with any schedule guarantees. There’s also a difference between average work hours.

Here we have answered a few frequently asked questions regarding Full-Time jobs in Singapore.

1. Can I hold 2 Full-Time jobs in Singapore?

Yes, you can take on a second job, unless there are Prohibitions in your current employment contract from taking on another job.

2. What Constitutes as a Full-Time job in Singapore?

A Full-Time employee is employed on an average of at least 30 hours of service per week and 130 hours per month.

3. What Full-time jobs are in demand in Singapore?

The top in-demand jobs in Singapore are:

  •  AI Specialists
  •  Digital Markete
  •  Robotics Engineer
  •  Full Stack Engineer
  •  Backend Developer
  •  Full-time Van Driver jobs in Singapore
  •  Full-time Driver jobs in Singapore
  •  Full-time Warehouse jobs in Singapore
  •  Full-Time Data Entry jobs in Singapore
  •  Full-Time Receptionist jobs in Singapore

4. Can foreigners apply for a full-time job in Singapore?

All foreigners who intend to work in Singapore must have a valid work visa before working. Find out which work pass or visa is suitable, eligibility, and how to apply for your dream job.

5. How much can students earn in Singapore?

Students in Singapore may earn from S$1000 to S$2500 a month. There is a list of jobs that offer different wages in Singapore for International and national students.

To get success in your full-time job, set boundaries and create good work habits. Whether you want to earn good money or grow your skillset, taking on a full-time job requires complete dedication. Get some help from JobsPivot in finding the Best Full-time employment in Singapore.

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You can also generate Side Income besides your full-time job in Singapore by doing Part-time work. See all the Part-time job vacancies in Singapore.