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Freelance Jobs in Singapore 2022

Organizations across various industry sectors hire freelance professionals to perform a wide range of job opportunities. Companies benefit from candidates' expertise on a project basis, and the freelancers can avail a flexible work schedule and reasonable income rates. By finding out about the different freelance jobs available in Singapore in various sectors, you can explore your options and select the one position that might suit you the best. Find some of the best freelance jobs on JobsPivot that you can do from home or the location of your choice and their salary details and work responsibilities. Find Freelance Jobs Online with JobsPivot.

What is Freelance Job Meaning?

Freelancing job includes hiring professionals for specific services, projects, or tasks by the client. A Freelancer works on numerous projects simultaneously but for different clients. In Freelance jobs, one has to manage their priorities, workload, and time and do their taxes.

Best Freelance Jobs in Singapore

If you wonder what kinds of roles freelancers play, the answer is everything. You can choose any field as a freelancer. The following are some of the best freelance jobs in Singapore in different sectors if you are interested in finding the best freelance positions available:

  • Freelance Admin Jobs Singapore
  • Freelance Bookkeeping Jobs in Singapore
  • Freelance Drafter Jobs in Singapore
  • Freelance Recruiter Jobs in Singapore
  • Freelance Tutor Jobs in Singapore
  • Freelance Part Time Accounting Jobs in Singapore

Part-Time Freelance Jobs

Freelancing is one of the highest-growing industries in the world today. Part-time freelancing jobs are a good source of extra income. It turns out to be a great part-time job. College or high-school students do it to pay their tuition or fees. Moms at home meet their ends. Also, people with Full-time jobs are doing it too. Freelancers work more than most people who work full-time jobs. Freelancers have to find their work. Part-time freelancing is for newbies. It is for people who want to earn extra money while getting their paycheck from their full-time job. Freelance part-time jobs are a good deal if you start to work as a freelancer.


1) How can I get Freelance work in Singapore?
You can search on Job portal sites like JobsPivot for current job vacancies. You can search for full-time or Part-time freelance jobs and online jobs in Singapore.

2) How much do Freelancers earn in Singapore?
The average salary for a Freelancer is $2,000 in Singapore.

3) Which freelancing job is best for Beginners?
1. Best Freelancing jobs for beginners are:
2. English Teacher
3. Bookkeeper
4. Social Media Manager
5. Graphic designer
6. Photographer/Videographer
7. Video editor

4) Can Foreigners Freelance in Singapore?
Yes. Make sure you have a Freelancer Portfolio. General requisites include an email ID and a resume. Most freelancers in Singapore register their businesses as Private Limited Company or Sole Proprietorship.