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Established in 1986, SSA Group is a group of companies providing a suite of professional services that include training, management consulting and estate planning services. The Group has grown to be one of Singapore’s leading service providers in transforming and empowering the quality of its workforce as well as enhancing the capacity and capability of businesses globally. A member of the Group, SSA Academy is currently offering more than 100 training courses under the Singapore Workforce Skills Qualification (WSQ) scheme and is working closely with Workforce Singapore (SSG) and SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG) as a strategic partner. To-date, the company has had 300,000 training places comprising members of the workforce at operational, supervisory and managerial levels, a testimony of its unswerving commitment to professionalism and customer service. As part of the group’s restructuring, SSA Consulting Group was split into SSA Academy and SSA Consulting. SSA Consulting Group was ranked as one of the top 1000 SMEs in SME1000 - a prestigious business ranking publication by DP Information Group - for 7 consecutive years since 2011. In 2016, SSAGroup expanded its core training services by establishing SSA Culinary Institute, the biggest Halal culinary school in Singapore. It currently offers more than 10 SkillsFuture Credit-eligible baking courses, including 2 WSQ courses. To-date it has trained more than 5,000 trainees. In the management consulting domain, SSA Consulting has proactively broadened its home ground foothold to include new markets in ASEAN, South Asia and the Middle East. It specialises in the areas of Human Capital, Productivity, Finance, Change Management and SME Development. Over the past 3 decades, SSAGroup has assisted more than 300 companies, business enterprises, non-profit organisations and government agencies to overcome their challenges and be better prepared for the increasingly uncertain and changing economy.

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