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Contract Jobs in Singapore

Discover your ideal job in Singapore with JobsPivot. Our team of recruitment professionals offers access to an extensive database of jobs in Singapore for mid-level to senior professionals. We are here to support you every step of the way. From finding the right opportunity to ensuring you are paid on time: flexible solution and seamless processes. Visit our contract job page, where you will find everything you need to know about contract jobs. Contract jobs help you close the unemployment gap in your resume while searching for a permanent job. Contract positions run for a fixed duration. Contract jobs vary in time duration. There can be 3 Months Contract Jobs in Singapore, 1-month contract jobs in Singapore, 6 months contract jobs in Singapore, or 1-year contract jobs in Singapore.

What are Contract Jobs?

The contract is a period of temporary employment which can last from a single day to several months. You are paid based on pre-agreed terms. Assignments can be part-time or full-time. Employers are increasingly offering more contract positions with attractive incentives, in line with the changing times and needs of businesses during the pandemic. Contract jobs include diversity, increased earning potential, and flexibility.

Contract Jobs vs. Permanent Jobs

This is all about weighing the pros and cons of these two. It comes down to which employment type will suit you, your industry, and if this offers growth in your career. If you are looking to take a short break from work to figure out your career path, going for a 3-month contract job is a valuable way. To know more about the differences between contract and permanent jobs, visit our blog post Contract Jobs vs. Permanent Jobs: Which is Better?

Top Contract Jobs in Singapore

If you are searching for a career in Contracting and want to know which Contract Jobs n Singapore is best for you, we have compiled a few here:

  • Project Management Contract Jobs in Singapore
  • Bank Contract Jobs in Singapore
  • Contract Specialist Jobs in Singapore
  • Contract Administrator Jobs in Singapore
  • Contract Manager Jobs in Singapore
  • Data Analyst Contract Jobs In Singapore

1) Is a Contract job good in Singapore?
Yes, as a contract worker, you have the flexibility to decide the contract duration that you want to accept. Fresh graduates or mid-career entrants can use the opportunity to figure out if they will enjoy working in a new industry or not. Contract jobs can be advantageous both financially and professionally.

2) Which is better, Contract or Permanent Job?
Contract professionals may enjoy better job security and benefits than permanent job employees these days. Many Contract workers often can secure job opportunities before their current employment ends because of their vast professional network.

3) Does a Contract job count as experience?
Yes, contract jobs do count as experience. Any job where you have to contribute to the growth of an organization actively counts as a valuable experience.

4) Is Contract Job good in Singapore?
Contract jobs provide great experiences to include on a resume. It can also help you to expand your network to find future opportunities. Contract positions leave room for professional growth.

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