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Conducting an Engaging Online Interview

As company operations migrate online, so has the recruitment process. With thousands of job applicants, video interviews or online interview have become common practice for bigger firms to sieve out potential candidates. Many companies are still lost sheep trying to grapple with remote operations and may not be as adept at such interviews. How can your company make the best out of the new norm to find the right fit?

Prepare a checklist!

Just like finding a partner, there are certain traits to look out for that match the “ideal type”. Prepare a list of attributes that would describe the perfect candidate. Next, you can begin crafting questions that can aid you in identifying your suitable employee. For starters, what are the traits of your best staff?  What characteristics would best match the current dynamics of your team? These guiding questions can give you a rough idea of what to look out for!

Ask meaningful questions

“What are your strengths and weaknesses?” or “Why do you think you are right for the job?” are some grossly overused interview questions that would probably yield the same generic answers from your interviewees. Ask a variety of questions to engage them! There are four overarching themes you can address to understand your candidate better, namely, “Motivational”, “Emotional Intelligence”, “Situational and Behavioral”, and “Skill Assessment”.

Bust interview stress

Interviews in themselves are nerve-wrecking experiences. Hence, taking them online may heighten anxiety levels especially for the less tech-savvy. Studies have shown that stressful interviews may be counterproductive and often fail to assess an individual’s actual competencies. Simple measures can be taken to give candidates a heads-up to help them better prepare for their online interview.

– Instructions on the choice of video conferencing platform

– Clear interview instructions (e.g. any task to be prepared beforehand or done during the interview)

– Always be prepared for any unforeseen disruptions (e.g. backup phone number in the event of technical difficulties)

Work on your company pitch

Pitching to your candidate? That’s right. While it might seem odd to be selling yourself to your candidates, interviews are actually two-way pitches. In order to attract the best talents, companies should attempt to distinguish themselves from other companies in the same industry. One of the limitations of online interviews is denied sensory experience around the office which could give them a sense of the culture there. Therefore, your pitch would be the best shot at giving them a glimpse of what to expect if or when they join your company!

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